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AAR-Services Now Hiring Technicians

Do you have experience working with appliances or AC units?

Now Hiring Technicians

AAR-Service is now hiring experienced AC technicians that might do a variety of things on a day-to-day basis, but all will revolve around air conditioning and climate control. Unlike an HVAC technician that may work in heating, ventilation, or air conditioning an AC technician focuses on cooling climates. This includes regular maintenance like changing air filter, troubleshooting with temperature and pressure tests, and installation of AC units as well as ice machines and refrigeration units in many cases. An AC technician might work directly for a building management company or an organization, like a college, but some AC techs make their living working as independent contractors with their own trucks as well. AC technicians should definitely be prepared to work a little harder during hot summer months. In general, an AC tech will work regular hours but there is always the possibility of an emergency call during the summer that will send a technician out in the field late at night.

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